Jardin Craft - Indoor/Outdoor Pots & Nutrients
At Jardin Craft, we carry three collections. Our line of Artstone pots is our signature product and our most versatile range. ArtLumin pots have a metallic finish and are made for office and home use. Our Plant Nutrients finally are introduced as a complement to your potted plants.
artstone pots
Made from a proprietary blend of resin and natural stone powder. Artstone planters are beautifully crafted with a marble, travertine look. They are recyclable, lightweight, and durable for both indoor and outdoor use, frost resistant and are equipped with a self-watering system. In addition, Artstone planters come in a range of fun colours and are homogeneous, i.e. not painted. If scratched, simply rub the affected area with sandpaper, followed by a wet cloth to recover the planters' marble effect.
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ArtLumin planters are made from a proprietary blend of resin and organic fibre. Named after the metal alloy Duralumin, these planters have a metallic finish, making them an ideal choice to beautify the modern, minimalistic, home or office. As with Artstone, these planters are recyclable and lightweight. ArtLumin planters do not have a drainage system. However, they are waterproof and perfect for indoor use.
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artlumin pots
plant nutrients & accessories

Plant Nutrients & Accessories

Whilst the greeneries are sitting pretty in their respective pots, the other crucial element to sustaining them is nutrients. Jardin Craft has a line of plant nutrients which would help you do just that. The Maxi-Grow fertilizer and Biofertilizer are suitable fertilizers that help provide your plants with essential nutrients for enhanced vigour and growth in initial and past development. Not forgetting the Bio Pest Repellent, which effectively deters pests which bug greenery.
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