Jardin Craft - ArtLumin indoor pots & planters
Named after the metal alloy Duralumin for its shiny and metallic texture, the ArtLumin planter carries a luxurious iridescent finish, making them an exclusive addition to your home and office. Crafted from a proprietary blend of resin and organic fibre, ArtLumin is lightweight and recyclable, just like Artstone. ArtLumin planters do not have a built-in drainage system. However, they are waterproof, durable and easy to handle, making them the perfect indoor plant to grace office spaces, homes and buildings.

Features & Benefits


Eco Friendly

ArtLumin planters care for both your plant and the environment. 100% recyclable, ArtLumin is a companion for nature and you.

Light Weight

Small and hardy, ArtLumin planters are light and easy to carry. Perfect for indoor use, the pots can be moved around without much concern and energy.


Our proprietary blend of resin and organic fibre makes the ArtLumin planters waterproof against any moisture and wetness, making them hardy, resistant, and ideal for indoor use.

ArtLumin Products