Jardin Craft - ArtLumin Claire indoor pots & planters
ArtLumin Claire can complement your office or home with her subtlety and minimalism. A delicate beauty, ArtLumin Claire comes in oval and round shapes with a range of elegant colours from bronze, charcoal, claret, copper, zinc, brass to sapphire. Place your Fittonia inside an elegant ArtLumin Claire and watch as it enlivens your office space.
Dimensions: 7cm | 11cm | 14cm | 18cm | 22cm
7cm = 7cm (Dia) x 7cm (H)
11cm = 10cm (Dia) x 11cm (H)
14cm = 13cm (Dia) x 14cm (H)
18cm = 17cm (Dia) x 18cm (H)
22cm = 21cm (Dia) x 22cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions:15cm | 30cm | 36cm
15cm = 36*16cm (Dia) x 15cm (H)
30cm = 32*14cm (Dia) x 30cm (H)
36cm = 38*15cm (Dia) x 36cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 25cm
25cm = 17cm (Dia) x 25cm (H)
Available Colours: