Jardin Craft - Artstone indoor/outdoor pots & planters
Our most versatile collection pieces, Artstone pots are made from our proprietary blend of resin and natural stone powder, intricately crafted to represent the beauty of marble and travertine looks. All of our Artstone pots are recyclable, light-weight for easy handling, and adaptable enough to be used both indoor and outdoor. If that’s not good enough, most Artstone pots come with a self-watering mechanism, so taking care of them has never been easier. They also come in various fun colours which are not painted on, but homogeneously produced. This means that if you accidentally scratched the pot, you can remove the mark by rubbing the affected area with sandpaper followed by a wet cloth, and the pot’s marble look will appear again.

Features & Benefits


Eco Friendly

Our proprietary blend of resin and natural stone powder not only makes all our Artstone beautiful, but the material is eco-friendly and recyclable. Talk about two good things in one!

Light Weight

Artstone plant pots might look like marble, but they are so lightweight you can move the planters around and in and out of your home to your liking, without much effort.

Frost Resistant

Unlike conventional plant pots, Artstone planters don’t crack in extremely cold weather as low as -30 degrees Celsius. They work just as well in warm and humid tropical climates too, making them the ideal outdoor planters.

Indoor & Outdoor

Hardy, durable and versatile, Artstone pots are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Whether it’s in the living room, by the window sill, on the kitchen counter or along the terrace, patio and garden, you can be sure that Artstone planters will enliven and beautify the space.


Most Artstone planters have a built-in self-watering mechanism. This works with a disk that separates the plant and soil from a reservoir which stores water at the bottom part of the pot. The roots of the plants will draw water from the reservoir via capillary action. The planters can now water themselves for a few days so you don’t need to worry about them when you’re away!
To fill up the reservoir, remove the plug at the base of the pot and pour water into the pot until excess water starts to drain out from the where the plug was. Re-insert the plug and place the pot indoors. Or keep the plug away and place the pot outdoors. Now you can travel away with one less thing to think about.

Artstone Products

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