Jardin Craft - Artstone Deca indoor/outdoor pots & planters
Named after the shape of a decagon, referring to the 10 sides of the pot, Deca is certainly an eye-catcher. Contemporary and unique, Deca exudes modernity. Available in 2 shapes and 4 colours inspired by earthly soil, Deca can embellish any indoor or outdoor space by housing a variety of plants, thanks to her self-watering system. Though it looks like marble, Deca is, in fact, lightweight and recyclable, since it is made from proprietary blend of resin and natural stone powder.
Dimensions: 20cm | 25cm | 29cm | 34cm
20cm = 22cm (Dia) x 20cm (H)
25cm = 27cm (Dia) x 25cm (H)
29cm = 32cm (Dia) x 29cm (H)
34cm = 37cm (Dia) x 34cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 49cm | 70cm
49cm = 30cm (Dia) x 49cm (H)
70cm = 39cm (Dia) x 70cm (H)
Available Colours: