Jardin Craft - Artstone Ella indoor/outdoor pots & planters
Ella is simple but this planter is anything but plain. Sleek design with a sharp rectangular edge, elegantly symmetrical and crafted to imitate the beauty of marble, Ella is a natural beauty. Ella is available in various sizes and 6 different neutral colours. Whether Ella is standing alone or grouped together with her other variants, Ella will certainly make a statement in your home.
Like all of her Artstone sisters, Ella has her own self-watering system, which makes her suitable for outdoor use, ideal to decorate your courtyard, patio, garden or doorway.
Dimensions: 15cm | 20cm | 24cm | 29cm | 34cm | 40cm | 45cm
15cm = 15cm (Dia) x 15cm (H)
20cm = 20cm (Dia) x 20cm (H)
24cm = 25cm (Dia) x 24cm (H)
29cm = 30cm (Dia) x 29cm (H)
34cm = 35cm (Dia) x 34cm (H)
40cm = 40cm (Dia) x 40cm (H)
45cm = 45cm (Dia) x 45cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 12cm | 14cm | 16cm | 25cm
12cm = 25cm (Dia) x 12cm (H)
14cm = 30cm (Dia) x 14cm (H)
16cm = 35cm (Dia) x 16cm (H)
25cm = 37cm (Dia) x 25cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 26cm | 35cm | 49cm | 70cm | 90cm
26cm = 14cm (Dia) x 26cm (H)
35cm = 19cm (Dia) x 35cm (H)
49cm = 26cm (Dia) x 49cm (H)
70cm = 35cm (Dia) x 70cm (H)
90cm = 40cm (Dia) x 90cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 40cm
40cm = 60*26cm (Dia) x 40cm (H)
Available Colours:
Divider Ella - Black600


Divider Ella - Grey600


Divider Ella - Taupe600


Divider Ella - Terra600


Divider Ella - Euca600


Divider Ella - Rust600


Dimensions: 17cm
17cm = 37*17cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
17cm = 55*17cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
17cm = 74*17cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 17cm | 20cm
17cm = 14*12cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
17cm = 22*15cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
20cm = 37*17cm (Dia) x 20cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm | 5cm
2cm = 12cm (Dia) x 2cm (H)
3cm = 15cm (Dia) x 3cm (H)
3cm = 19cm (Dia) x 3cm (H)
4cm = 23cm (Dia) x 4cm (H)
4cm = 26cm (Dia) x 4cm (H)
5cm = 29cm (Dia) x 5cm (H)
5cm = 34cm (Dia) x 5cm (H)
Available Colours: