Jardin Craft - Artstone Kubik indoor/outdoor pots & planters
Kubik is our newest Artstone range. This spacious cubic planter bears modern aesthetics with perfectly angled sharp edges and evenly-formed sides for a contemporary and unique look. Kubik comes in 4 modern colours and 5 sizes and is ideal to house bushes, shrubberies, and small trees due to her generous room for roots to grow and draw water.
Although quite large, Kubik is lightweight so it can easily be moved and transported, thanks to the material it was made of; a proprietary blend of resin and natural stone powder, making Kubik not only light but eco-friendly and recyclable.
Dimensions: 24cm | 29cm | 33cm | 43cm | 48cm
24cm = 27cm (Dia) x 24cm (H)
29cm = 32cm (Dia) x 29cm (H)
33cm = 37cm (Dia) x 33cm (H)
43cm = 47cm (Dia) x 43cm (H)
48cm = 52cm (Dia) x 48cm (H)
Available Colours: