Eco-friendly Artstone Bola Pot - Jardin Craft
Eco-friendly Artstone Bola Pot is suitable for the garden, the front door, in any home or office. This planter has a round base and a large depth embodying a continental style that looks like a marble pot. Bola is a recyclable and eco-friendly flower pot which comes in various sizes and exciting colours inspired to fit your garden. Donning a classic clay-marble look, Bola is, in fact, a lightweight flower pot since it was made from a proprietary blend of resin and natural stone powder, making Bola easy to handle and move around.

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Dimensions: 24cm | 29cm | 33cm | 38cm | 45cm
24cm = 28cm (Dia) x 24cm (H)
29cm = 33cm (Dia) x 29cm (H)
33cm = 38cm (Dia) x 33cm (H)
38cm = 45cm (Dia) x 38cm (H)
45cm = 55cm (Dia) x 45cm (H)
Available Colours: