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Among our range of flower pot collections, Lightweight Artstone Claire Pot is our most popular product. Claire comes in a variety of sizes and colours to match with a wide range of plants, style, and location. Claire is made from the signature Artstone resin and natural stone powder, giving it an elegant marble look. Claire planters are durable for both outdoor and indoor-use. It is also an eco-friendly pot.
Best of all, most Claire products are self-watering flower pots, so you don’t have to worry about not watering them for a few days.

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*This model doesn’t come with drainage. It’s a cache pot.
Dimensions: 9cm | 11cm | 13cm | 14cm
9cm = 8cm (Dia) x 9cm (H)
11cm = 10cm (Dia) x 11cm (H)
13cm = 12cm (Dia) x 13cm (H)
14cm = 13cm (Dia) x 14cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 11cm | 14cm
11cm = 19*10cm (Dia) x 11cm (H)
14cm = 26*13cm (Dia) x 14cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 11cm | 14cm
11cm = 20cm (Dia) x 11cm (H)
14cm = 26cm (Dia) x 14cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 15cm | 20cm | 24cm | 29cm | 34cm | 39cm | 47cm
15cm = 17cm (Dia) x 15cm (H)
20cm = 22cm (Dia) x 20cm (H)
24cm = 27cm (Dia) x 24cm (H)
29cm = 32cm (Dia) x 29cm (H)
34cm = 37cm (Dia) x 34cm (H)
39cm = 43cm (Dia) x 39cm (H)
47cm = 47cm (Dia) x 47cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 26cm | 35cm | 49cm | 70cm | 90cm
26cm = 14cm (Dia) x 26cm (H)
35cm = 19cm (Dia) x 35cm (H)
49cm = 28cm (Dia) x 49cm (H)
70cm = 37cm (Dia) x 70cm (H)
90cm = 42cm (Dia) x 90cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 40cm
40cm = 65*29cm (Dia) x 40cm (H)
Available Colours:
Divider Claire - Black600


Divider Claire - Grey600


Divider Claire - Taupe600


Divider Claire - Terra600


Divider Claire - Euca600


Divider Claire - Rust600


Dimensions: 17cm
17cm = 38*16cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
17cm = 55*16cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 18cm | 20cm
18cm = 24*16cm (Dia) x 18cm (H)
20cm = 38*17cm (Dia) x 20cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm | 5cm
2cm = 14cm (Dia) x 2cm (H)
3cm = 18cm (Dia) x 3cm (H)
3cm = 22cm (Dia) x 3cm (H)
4cm = 26cm (Dia) x 4cm (H)
4cm = 30cm (Dia) x 4cm (H)
5cm = 32cm (Dia) x 5cm (H)
5cm = 35cm (Dia) x 5cm (H)
Available Colours:

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