Self-watering Artstone Ella Pot - Jardin Craft
Elegantly symmetrical, Self-watering Artstone Ella Pot is crafted to imitate the beauty of marble. Ella is available in various sizes and different neutral colours. Whether Ella is standing alone or grouped together with her other variants, Ella will certainly make a statement in your home.
Like all of her Artstone sisters, Ella has her own self-watering system and is an eco-friendly plant pot. A small square pot like Ella makes her suitable for outdoor use, ideal to decorate your courtyard, patio, garden or doorway.

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Dimensions: 15cm | 20cm | 24cm | 29cm | 34cm | 40cm | 45cm
15cm = 15cm (Dia) x 15cm (H)
20cm = 20cm (Dia) x 20cm (H)
24cm = 25cm (Dia) x 24cm (H)
29cm = 30cm (Dia) x 29cm (H)
34cm = 35cm (Dia) x 34cm (H)
40cm = 40cm (Dia) x 40cm (H)
45cm = 45cm (Dia) x 45cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 12cm | 14cm | 16cm | 25cm
12cm = 25cm (Dia) x 12cm (H)
14cm = 30cm (Dia) x 14cm (H)
16cm = 35cm (Dia) x 16cm (H)
25cm = 37cm (Dia) x 25cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 26cm | 35cm | 49cm | 70cm | 90cm
26cm = 14cm (Dia) x 26cm (H)
35cm = 19cm (Dia) x 35cm (H)
49cm = 26cm (Dia) x 49cm (H)
70cm = 35cm (Dia) x 70cm (H)
90cm = 40cm (Dia) x 90cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 40cm
40cm = 60*26cm (Dia) x 40cm (H)
Available Colours:
Divider Ella - Black600


Divider Ella - Grey600


Divider Ella - Taupe600


Divider Ella - Terra600


Divider Ella - Euca600


Divider Ella - Rust600


Dimensions: 17cm
17cm = 37*17cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
17cm = 55*17cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
17cm = 74*17cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 17cm | 20cm
17cm = 14*12cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
17cm = 22*15cm (Dia) x 17cm (H)
20cm = 37*17cm (Dia) x 20cm (H)
Available Colours:
Dimensions: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm | 5cm
2cm = 12cm (Dia) x 2cm (H)
3cm = 15cm (Dia) x 3cm (H)
3cm = 19cm (Dia) x 3cm (H)
4cm = 23cm (Dia) x 4cm (H)
4cm = 26cm (Dia) x 4cm (H)
5cm = 29cm (Dia) x 5cm (H)
5cm = 34cm (Dia) x 5cm (H)
Available Colours:

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